Our Services

Custom Design Production

We’ll customized your PET/HDPE bottles needs. From design of the bottle, label & final touch necessary to get you product on the market the most professional way possible.

Research & Development

Working together with the worlds best mold makers overseas that suit our our machines and client needs

We handle both the design and mold as per our mold making factory.

Import/Export Services

Distributing all kind and sizes of Storage Glass Jars, Wine Bottles, Spirit Bottles and any other Glass Container you can think off. We make your production dreams come true

Injected Plastic Mold

Our injected mold bottle making equipment is capable of making all kind of plastic products. Bottles and any other molded plastic container of product can be produced. Up to eight liters holding capacity

“K-Services & Trade has helped us reduce cost and at the same time give us the quality we need to stay competitive”Defiant Concepts